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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you open to the public?
    Our farm stand is open 7 days a week from 11am to 6pm for self-serve products. The address is 576 Malbons Mills Rd, Skowhegan ME. If you are coming in for beef sales, please give us a call or text message to (207) KOW-FARM and we will be happy to schedule a time convenient for you to make sure we are available to assist you. We welcome the public to enjoy our farm stand and picnic tables. We ask that you not open any gates or go beyond areas marked Employees Only. We are not responsible for any injuries that occur while visiting our property.
  • Can I order online?
    We welcome you to email us at anytime and let us know what you are looking for. For goats milk products, our inventory changes frequently, so we will happily let you know what we have available.
  • Do you ship?
    We will gladly ship your goats milk bath and body products. Shipments go out on Tuesday of each week. If you have a custom order or "uncured" request, we will contact you by e-mail to give you our schedule. At this time we do not ship food products (beef, milk, eggs, etc), however when that changes, we will make sure to let you know!
  • What payments do you accept?
    We accept cash, check, Venmo and credit cards.
  • Is your farm "organic"
    While we do follow most of the protocols to be considered organic, we have not requested to be labeled as such. The reason for this is because we believe that the care of our animals trumps a label. For example, if one of our animals gets sick or hurt and needs medication such as antibiotics, we do make sure they receive that care. We will never process or sell any products that have antibiotics in them (as we withhold the animal for no less than 2x the amount of time suggested by veterinary professionals).
  • Are your chickens free range?
    Our chickens live the best chicken lives there are! While we do have an enormous coop and run that gives each chicken no less than 30 square feet, some of our feathered friends do tend to wander around the farm. So yes, while the chickens are free range (per the USDA, chickens and egg-laying hens must have continuous access to outdoor space for more than 51% of the animals lives), we also try to protect our chickens with fencing and a secure coop that gets closed overnight to add additional protection from local predators.
  • Are your beef strictly grass fed?
    Our cattle are pasture raised. They have access to pasture at all times and can choose when to be outside and when to go into their shelter for warmth or shade or to avoid any other elements. We do feed locally cut hay in the winter. If it is an unusually hard winter on an animal and we feel that some grain can improve the cow's health, we will supplement with grain as needed. We have not yet had to supplement with grain in the past 3 years, however, it will depend on each individual animal and the type of winter we have.
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