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Farm Products

Our Dry Aged Beef

At The Ridge Farms, we take pride in raising the healthiest and most content animals while contributing to the ecosystem of central Maine. Our Dry-Aged Beef is of the finest quality.  Dry aged for 45 days in a controlled open-air environment to go through a flavor transformation. By exposing the meat to air, moisture is pulled out and the natural enzymes in the beef break the muscles down slowly over time, making it by far the most tender and flavorful beef on the market today.  We are passionate about what we do, and we believe that our products speak for themselves.

The Freshest Eggs

Our chickens are raised with love and care, and their eggs are a testament to their happy and healthy lifestyle. We offer Fresh Eggs that are packed with flavor and nutrition, perfect for any meal of the day. Try them out and taste the difference!

Our Goats Milk Line

Here at Sunset Ridge Farm we take pride in our beautiful closed herd of Nubian goats.  Known the world over for their higher butterfat content, their nutritious and delicious milk is not just for drinking! Come by and try out fabulous goats milk soaps and body products. You will love them.

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